Yvette's Nightmare: Raped, Then Kidnapped, Bimbofied, Enslaved, Trained, and Sold


Yvette went out to do a quick patrol of the campgrounds.

As a counselor, she, like the others, was tasked with doing periodic walks to make sure that none of the campers she was responsible for were out of bed after lights out.

As much fun as the camp was, there were always one or two that had to take things too far.

She was just finishing her walk when suddenly a hand grabbed her, clamping over her mouth, and silencing her screams.

Then there were more hands on her, grabbing her arms and legs, her waist, and even her breasts.

They collectively lifted her into the air and carried her into the woods.

While she twisted and fought someone slipped something over her face, as far as they could around the hand over her mouth, effectively blinding her, terrifying her even more.

Yvette tried to scream once again but suddenly a hand locked around her neck, “shut the fuck up, you slut,” a harsh voice whispered. The whispering made it impossible to place the voice. She was sure that she recognized it but couldn’t be sure who it was.

Then, before she could really think about it, she was given something, much more important to think about when another voice whispered darkly said, “gonna give you exactly what you need,” as a hand locked onto one of her ample breasts and began kneading it harshly; the meaning of that statement, unmistakable.

Before Yvette could think what to do, she was unexpectedly slammed to the ground, knocking the wind out of her. Her head hit the ground hard enough that she was momentarily stunned as well, and by the time she recovered her wits, the hands were upon her once again.

They held her down, while at the same they began pulling at her clothes. One of her attackers quickly yanked off her shoes and socks and suddenly the hand over her mouth was gone. Yvette wasted no time in taking a huge breath and opening her mouth wide for the scream of her life when something is stuffed into her mouth, trapping the scream in your throat.

She was unable to reach up to pull whatever it is out of her mouth before her hands were yanked harshly behind her back.

As someone was using what she sensed was one of her socks to tie her hands behind her back, another was pulling what she now realized was a bag down over her face fully, tying it around her mouth to keep what she suspects was her other sock, in her mouth.

Yvette kept fighting but already knew, instinctively, that it was pointless.

Her attackers ignored her struggles as one of them ripped her bra off, leaving her shirt intact, simply pushing it up to her shoulders and exposing her breasts. “Damn, look at the tits on this slut,” one of the voices whispered.

Again, she was sure she could almost place the voice, but the whispering and the tone of angry lust disguised it enough that she simply couldn’t come up with a name.

The comment did, however, cause her to blush in shame; her breasts, a full D had always been the center of unwanted attention ever since she first started puberty.

Quickly her underwear went the same way as her bra, but again, she felt her shorts simply yanked down her struggling legs, rather than ripped off. She’d have wondered why that was, if she didn’t have much more important things to worry about.

Then, she felt one of her attackers holding her head down by kneeling on her hair and holding her neck. Two people grabbed her legs, one on each ankle, and pulled her legs wide, while two others grabbed her upper arms just before they went behind her back and used those to hold her torso in place.

There was no question now what their plan was, even though there really hadn’t been the moment they had started to rip her clothes off, still, she’d tried to convince herself that rape wasn’t their intention.

Sadly, she’d just been trying badly to fool herself.

Now, as another hand cupped her vagina and said, “this slut’s cunt is soaking wet. She wants this,” she wanted to deny it but knew it was pointless. She was wet, but it was just a natural physical reaction, but she knew she’d never convince these animals of that.

Nor was there any chance to try and plead for mercy or to refuse as even when she tried to desperately shake her head, ‘no’, she was simply ignored.

Then, she felt the first body on top of her.

Yvette fought harder, to get away, as she knew what was coming, but the hand around her neck tightened and another hand grabbed one of her nipples and suddenly, she was being raped.

It was worse than anything she could imagine. The sudden knowledge that something so personal and intimate was being ripped away from her, and there was nothing she could do about it.

What added to the horror even more, if that were possible, is she felt her body responding; she was getting aroused.

‘What’s wrong with you,’ she asked herself in disgust, the words earlier overriding her knowledge. Intellectually she had heard that a woman’s body will respond to stimulation without her conscious control, but still, to have it happening as the most revolting and disgusting experience she’d ever had was inflicted upon her, she felt as dirty and slutty as the people violating her said she was.

It didn’t take long before the first rapist finished and there was some quick shuffling and someone on her left leg was replaced and she was being violated once again.

It continued one after another, one rape finished, and, after a brief shifting of who was holding her down, another one started.

Somewhere along the way she started to feel like she was floating, like she wasn’t even in her body anymore.

Later, she’d realize, it was a defense mechanism, but now, it almost felt like she was just watching as each violation was destroying her self-worth, one thrust at a time, and she didn’t feel enough connection to care.

Then, when she didn’t know how it could possibly get worse, it did, when she felt her body shuddered as the orgasm she had felt building, but had been trying to ignore rushed through her, feeding on her fear and humiliation to become one of the most powerful orgasms she’d ever had in her young life.

Yvette screamed out in unbridled shame and humiliation behind the gag is she was completely consumed by the overwhelming power of the rape orgasm that washed over her.

Suddenly, everyone froze, as it took them a moment to realize what had happened.

Once they did the taunting and jeering got even worse and she closed her eyes inside the bag over her head, as the otherworldly feeling wasn’t enough to overcome her desire to die at that moment.

She was so wrapped up in her shame and self-pity she barely heard the man holding her head down as he said, “my turn.”

The one on top of her quickly finished and jumped off and her is released as there is another shift in position, then her head was again being held down and she was trying to steel herself for one more assault.

Yvette knew it was coming and at this point she didn’t even try to fight, knowing it was pointless, and now just wanting to get it over with.

Sadly, the person getting ready to rape her next saw the resignation, and wanted her to be more actively involved, and had other ideas about her simply lying back and taking it.

The next words she heard scared her to the depths of her soul, although she wasn’t really sure why when she heard, “turn her over.”

It took a few disorganized moments, but eventually, Yvette found herself twisted and turned until she found herself on her stomach.

Yvette heard more shifting and grunting off to the side and suddenly she was lifted for a moment before she was laid back down over something and realized that someone had found a log and she was now positioned strategically so as she laid over it, her ass was sticking up in the air.

She blushed crimson, imagining the sight she must make, her ass up in the air, her legs spread wide and her naked, raped pussy exposed for all to see.

Somehow, the position made her feel even more exposed and she knew, instinctively, that the hell she’d suffered, was, somehow, about to get worse.

Then it did.

A hand began rubbing her already well used pussy and spreading the mixture juices into her ass.

For a moment, Yvette didn’t understand and then, as if a blanket was being lifted from her mind she realized exactly what was coming and she tried to fight with all her strength, but it was, as with the other times, completely pointless.

She felt hands on her hips, and then a command to pull her legs wider and to hold her still. She felt her legs spread as ordered and hands descended upon her upper arms and shoulders holding her bound hands up her back, using them as leverage to hold her in place securely.

Then she felt it, something pressing relentlessly against her sphincter.

Yvette went off like a bomb; squirming, twisting, and fighting like a wild caged animal.

She fought harder than she had since the entire ordeal had begun, fought harder than she had ever fought in her life. She felt pain in her shoulders as her struggles nearly dislocated the joints in her mad struggle to get free. As a result, she almost succeeded in nearly breaking some of their grips, but the ones holding her quickly overcame their surprise and her sudden show of strength and resolve and compensated, readjusting their grip on her various limbs and, once again, she was held firm.

When escape failed, she next tried to clinch herself closed with all the desperation and might that she had.

Her entire being focused on this one, paramount, goal: this would not happen.

Sadly, that muscle structure simply wasn’t built for such long-term flexing and fatigue quickly began to set in, even as the pressure pushing against it, if anything, only increased.

Yvette had no way of knowing that her resistance, far from discouraging her rapist, was, if anything, only increasing his arousal. He could almost feel his cock getting harder, as he continued with his unquenchable desire to violate her in this new way.

He was grunting and panting from the effort, but he knew, to the depths of his being, that he would win.

Then, slowly, but surely, progress was made as the unrelenting pressure overcame the muscle weakened by fatigue, and his cock, head finally slipped fully into his victim’s ass.

Yvette screamed and then screamed again as she was sure she was being torn apart.

Her brain kept issuing frantic orders to her brain that she needed to keep fighting but the adrenaline was all but gone and the fatigue left her body so exhausted that she was capable of little more than slight twitching that was no more than symbolic in its resistance to her new violation.

All the while, the voices whispered their encouragement and denounced her as a slut, a whore, a worthless cunt.

Some even wondered if she was going to cum once again, as she was obviously enjoying herself, after all, she wasn’t fighting anymore.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she felt something seemingly explode in her ass and she knew what had happened.

The body of the rapist fell across her body, resting on her in the aftermath of his efforts.

Yvette could hear the disgusting pervert panting next to her ear as his hands run along her body, in a pseudo display of gentleness.

The soft touch was, in its own way, even more, disgusting than the rape and she wanted to squirm away but knew she couldn’t and so she didn’t even try.

Suddenly, her head was yanked back by her hair and a voice whispered harshly in her ear, “now you’ve been fucked like a proper cunt. Maybe tomorrow night we’ll let you suck our cocks.”

The threat made her shudder and all she wanted to do was get as far away as she could, but she knew that wasn’t going to happen until they let her. Like it or not, she now well knew that she was completely and utterly at their mercy.

Not that any of them had shown they had any.

The hand released her hair and she felt the offending organ slide from her violated sphincter.

She was fully expecting the next person to take his place, and begin violating her in this way as well, instead, shockingly, she felt something dropped on her back just before the hands holding her all seemed to release at once and her hands were released just before she heard feet quickly running off into the night.

Yvette was so shocked by this she didn’t even move for several moments, wondering if this was simply some kind of trick.

She sat, motionless for several more heart beats before finally reaching up and yanking whatever had been on her face away.

She next pulled her sock from her mouth and, for a moment, thought about screaming but she quickly realized there was no point.

She pulled down her shirt and found her shorts and shoes right next to her, realizing that this was most likely what had been dropped on her.

Yvette dressed slowly, almost in a daze, as she absently realized the only part of her wardrobe that had really been damaged were her undergarments. Once dressed, no one would be able to tell from the state of her clothing that anything was amiss.

She wondered if that had been accidental or if the people responsible for her gang rape had the foresight to leave her clothes undamaged. She realized as she looked at herself, with what light was available, that she looked no more disheveled than if she’d simply fallen while on her small patrol.

It would be, she realized, very difficult for someone to reconcile her seemingly undamaged clothing and overall lack of injury, with a report of a violent gang rape; they hadn’t even hit her or done anything to her face, other than stuff a soft sock in her mouth and cover it with a bag.

Even her limbs where she had been held, showed no sign she could see in the current low light.

All of this told her they had known what they were doing, and that made the threat of them coming for her tomorrow night all the more real and a primal terror overtook her, and she ran as fast as her tired, and sore legs would carry her; ignoring the pain as her breasts flopped unrestrained under her shirt.

Yvette got to her cabin and ran immediately to grab a towel and only a few minutes later she found herself in the counselors’ shower area, scrubbing her body like her life depended on it.

She knew she was scrubbing away valuable evidence, but she didn’t care, the number one imperative was to get as clean as she possibly could, to get as much of them off of her as she could as quickly as was humanly possible, absently she also checked her ankles and wrists and found, as she suspected, there was almost no evidence or markings on her skin.

From the outside, it was as if nothing had happened.

This thought simply had her going back to her scrubbing with new vigor.

She was there until long after the water had run cold and she limped slowly back to the cabin, the adrenaline now all well and truly spent and the pain of it all starting to settle in.

Yvette crawled, painfully, into her bed, already trying to force her mind to just forget.

She knew that she should have reported it, immediately, that she should still report it, but there was no point, she told herself, desperate to convince herself that was true.

She didn’t know who it was, and she’d already washed away any evidence in her mad dash to feel clean.

Besides, she knew they’d tell everyone that she wanted it, they’d tell everyone that it hadn’t been a gangrape, but a gangbang. A gangbang she had initiated and had been so into that she’d even cum all over herself like a bitch in heat while it was happening.

No, better to keep silent.

Better to forget.

That’s what she convinced herself of as she began to drift off to sleep even as her hand drifted down and cupped her sore and overused vagina, protectively.

‘No, not a vagina any more. A cunt,’ a dark part of her mind whispered.

A wet cunt that was telling her it wanted and needed more.

Yvette pulled her hand away, disgusted with herself and her thoughts, not knowing, or realizing that this was simply a result of the trauma she’d suffered, and was easily explainable.

Sadly, because she never sought the help she needed she never learned this fact, or that it was ok to forgive herself.

Instead, she was left to never understand that it was perfectly natural to have those humiliating thought running through her head as sleep finally claimed her.

She never learned that it was perfectly understandable that her dreams would be filled with the images of her rape and that it was perfectly natural that the arousal from those dreams would leave her hand covered in her own juices when she woke the next morning.

Instead, she’d try to wall it all off and forget, and eventually closing herself off from everyone that could have helped her.

Which was why, when one of her rapists informed some associates of the possibility that she’d be a candidate her their new and lucrative business, it was so easy to place her under surveillance.

The surveillance set up approximately six months after the rape and the accompanying reconnaissance on the broad stroke implications of her selection showed that she was indeed a perfect candidate and eighteen months after the rape she had tried so hard to forget, she felt a sharp stinging in her ass just before darkness overcame her.



Yvette felt herself waking, slowly. It was so hard like she'd been asleep for ages. The problem was, she didn't even remember going to sleep.

She tried to remember what she had been doing but it was a blank.

Her head hurt a bit and her chest didn't feel right.

She reached up to rub her temples and that's when she noticed.

She couldn't move her hand.

She tried the other and then when it wouldn't move right either, her eyes snapped open and she was greeted by a horrific sight.

At first, she didn't realize what she was looking at, was a mirror over her head, at first, she almost thought it was some crazy mannequin.

But it wasn't, it was herself, and what she saw scared her to the depths of her soul.

She tried to scream, and that's when she noticed, that she was gagged and bound.

Her wrists and ankles were attached to a table she was on, in addition, there was a belt around her waist, holding her hips securely to the table, reducing the amount she was able to move, finally, her mouth was filled with something that made screaming pointless and speech completely impossible.

The first thing that caught her eye, of course, was her boobs.

Before she was a nice if she did say so herself, firm 36D.

The boys certainly like them and were always looking.

Now her boobs looked like to soccer balls had been inflated under her skin. She had to be at least an FF and looked like something she'd seen in an uncle's dirty magazines she'd once found.

It was disgusting.

The scariest part was they looked like they were completely healed, how long had she been asleep?

Next, she saw that her skin was tanned, and her hair was blonde!

What was going on?

She tried fighting the bonds that held her, screaming, and crying as she did but it was pointless.

Then she heard a sound and a door opened.

She saw a man enter the room and he walked up to her.

She blushed scarlet, in shame and humiliation at this stranger seeing her nude.

He examined her, with a look in his eye as if he were looking at an object and not a person.

She fought her bonds some more and tried screaming at him, but he simply ignored her, reaching his hand out to run it without remorse over her body, lingering for a long time on her now gigantic tits.

Finally, the man spoke and said, "You're finally awake, we've been waiting months for the time you'd be ready to wake up to start your new life."

New life? What was he talking about?

She fought more and tried to squirm away from his hand, but it was no use.

She stopped and looked pleadingly at him and he smiled and said, "Yes, that's right your new life. You're helpless to do anything about it. We found you when one of our agents told us about you and so we decided to make you ours. Your old life is over, Yvette doesn't exist anymore. She's gone, dead. In her place is now Cumhole. Cumhole is a bimbo slut."

Yvette looked uncomprehendingly at him as he continued, "We're going to break you. Break your mind, your spirt, your will, we're going to break your very soul."

She screamed and tried to get free, shaking her head as he ignored her, his hand slowly sliding down to cup her vagina.

"You're going to learn how to use this," he squeezed her crotch at the "this" to emphasize what he meant, "to please men. You'll learn to use your asshole, and of course your mouth for the same."

Yvette screamed and fought harder, trying desperately to escape the hand that was now pushing into her.

"When we're done with you, the only thing you'll be able to think about is pleasing your owners," his thumb found her clit and began to make circles, "you're going to be trained to be a dumb, ignorant, obedient, fuck hole that wants nothing but to please its owner."

He looked directly into her eye and finished, "and there's nothing you can do to stop it."

His hand pulled out of her with a plop and Yvette went crazy, fighting like a wild animal against her restraints.

He stood there and watched and when she exhausted herself he stepped forward and did something to the table and it suddenly tilted, her head was being lowered, and she would have slid if not for the waist belt.

She didn't realize what the reason could be until she saw the man step up as he undid his pants.

She screamed again but she was so tired from all the fighting it barely registered.

He reached for her face and she cringed, not realizing he was reaching for her gag.

He pulled something out of her mouth and she screamed again, then the scream, turned to panic when she realized she couldn't close her mouth.

She tried pleading for him to stop but he ignored her as he stepped forward and said, "This is your first lesson, cumhole, I suggest you start learning and learning quickly, for your sake."

With that, this man, this stranger, this monster, plunged his cock through the opening in the gag and into her mouth, raping Yvette's throat without remorse.

Yvette tried to fight but it was useless, and internally she raged and told herself she'd never be what he said she would, and she'd see him and whoever else was helping him in jail.

Deep inside of her mind, however, Yvette felt a little piece of herself break, at the callous way she was being used.

Somehow, she knew, it was only a matter of time.


The man had left after that, but it didn't mean that Yvette was left alone.

Soon other men entered the room, each taking advantage of her helpless mouth. She sputtered, squirmed and tried to fight as one cock after the next raped her mouth with complete unconcern for her wellbeing.

She had not felt this used since that night at the camp, so long ago.

The men didn't even bother to talk to her, instead, they talked to each other like she didn't even exist. She couldn't understand most of what they were talking about. Neural adjustment, and video reprogramming.

She just knew she hated it here and wanted to go home.

Then, to her horror, her situation got worse.

The men added several more straps to her body, across her thighs, her calves, her stomach and above and below her gigantic breasts. She had no idea why they were doing this, but she was certain she wasn't going to like it.

She was proven right quickly when she discovered that the table, she was on not only tilted but was able to rotate 360 degrees and she suddenly found herself staring at the floor.

She didn't know what was happening due to her bad vantage point and that left her even more terrified.

She felt the table near her butt moving and suddenly the table vanished. Her butt was now exposed to air, and, sadly, exposed to the men so they could touch it.

For a moment she was reminded of that night again and was afraid she was going to be raped up her butt again and she started fighting and crying but bound as she was, now with gravity helping to keep her in place, no one seemed to notice or care.

Rape, however, was not their plan as she felt something rubbed on her back just above her butt cheeks, she heard a buzzing sound and then she was assaulted with a terrible pain across her back.

She couldn't see it, nor could she know that she was being tattooed across her back, a ‘tramp stamp' that read, "Rape Hole". The tattoo was simple in that it was block letters, two inches high and it took the artists working the letters only an hour to finish.

The entire time Yvette was screaming, crying, and begging for them to stop the pain, but she was completely ignored.

Once the tat was complete the antiseptic and gauze were applied to the area. With that done, the table was reinserted, and the table spun back with Yvette's tear stained face and eyes once again facing up.

Sadly, for her, the pain continued, and the three tattoo artists attacked her breasts and just above her pussy. She was again left screaming and crying as she tried to squirm away, but now, she had the added terror of being able to see what was being done.

It took a few moments but once she realized she fought like a wildcat to get away and the men had to stop for a moment, so as not to ruin their work.

One of them stepped away, again without a word and came back with a needle.

Before she could say anything, the needle was injected into her arm and almost immediately her struggles ceased as the drug ended all voluntary muscle movement.

Yvette was nothing but a flesh statue now, forced to watch as her body was permanently marked, and her brain continued to scream for her to fight and move, but the signals simply didn't reach her body.

The tattooing took three full hours and once completed she was a sobbing mess and her mind had all but shut down.

When the men stepped away one of them injected her again and she was again able to move, not that it did any good with the effectiveness of her bondage.

By this point, she didn't think she had any tears left but was proven wrong when, after a few moments her mind was able to understand what had been done. Over both tits, and above her breasts were words: bold black letters approximately an inch and a half tall.

The words were reversed due to the mirror over her head but eventually, she was able to arrange the words in her mind and when she did, she screamed in complete mental anguish as she realized what they said.

Above one breast was the words, "Bimbo Fuck Toy" above the other was "Cunt Slave" and above her pussy was the words, "Bimbo Cocksheath".

She couldn't believe she had been marked so crudely, and what was worse, she knew they would never come off unless she had them laser removed, and she'd heard how painful that could be.

She was left to stare at her new, modified body for what felt like an eternity. The changes that had been forced upon her pounding into her brain again and again.

She wanted to be angry, to rage against what had been done, but all she felt was a crushing despair as part of her brain, the rational part that was detached, somehow, that these people had obviously had her for a long time, as her boobs were completely healed, and that meant no one had found her.

These people had kidnapped her, and no one had caught them or come to her rescue. That meant they had probably done this before, and her chances of escaping were bleak at best.

Little did she know that once these people were done with her, escape would be the furthest thing from her mind.


The man that had first come into the room when she woke up came in and smiled at her.

She turned her head away and closed her eyes, not wanting to look at him, but he just smiled and said, "It's ok, cunt, I know you're not happy, but in a little bit you will be."

She couldn't help but turn to him in confused shock, only to have terror rush through her body again as he held a large syringe with silver liquid inside of it.

She tried to pull away but again her bondage defeated her, and he said, pretending to not notice her fear or struggles, "This syringe contains Nanites, little tiny machines that are actually able to make amazing repairs to the human body, they've made some types of ‘conventional' treatments obsolete."

Yvette stared at the syringe in wonder despite herself.

She'd heard of nanites, of course, but never seen them before.

The man continued, "I see you're intrigued, well, these nanites are special." He hit a switch and the mirror over Yvette, revealed to contain a TV, sprung to life and she watched as a girl, not unlike herself was strapped to the table as she was, the sounds of her struggling, cursing, and crying coming from speakers around the room. It was horrifying to watch, especially with Yvette clearly understanding that she was in the exact same position as that unknown girl had been. Yvette saw in the video that someone stood ready to inject the helpless girl with what looked like the same syringe the man with Yvette held in his hand.

She watched, in a combination of fascination and horror, as the man in the video placed a set of goggles over the struggling girl's eyes, ignoring her cries and pleas and then injected the syringe.

The tape accelerated, and Yvette saw that two hours passed as the girl at first struggled mightily and screaming but then, the struggles began to slow, and then finally ceased.

The tape went back to normal speed and the man returned and unstrapped the now silent unknown girl after removing the goggles.

Yvette watched as, incredibly, the girl hopped off the table and then immediately turned around and put her hands on the ground just in front of her feet and thrust her ass out at the man and wiggled it while the sounds of her giggling were clearly heard.

The man in the video took that as the offer it apparently was and grabbed the girl's hips before pulling out his stiff cock and feeding it into the girl from behind, all while the girl was moaning so loudly it would have almost seemed forced if Yvette didn't see the look of sheer pleasure on the girl's face. She didn't know what had been done to the girl, but she was sure she didn't want to either.

The video ended, and Yvette looked at the man as he began talking, "these nanites here have the ability to alter a person's thinking patterns." He paused for a moment, looking into her eyes before continuing, "we've modified them to also attack the parts of the brain that handle intelligence," he saw the look of fear and dawning comprehension on Yvette's face and he smiled slightly, "the goggles contain a special loop of what is essentially the stereotypical ‘Bimbo'. A blonde, fat titted girl that's so stupid that the only thing she's good for is sucking cock and giving pleasure with her holes and tits."

Yvette looked at him in horror at the implications of what he was saying, but also what they now clearly had planned for her. They were planning to turn her into that, or, at least, they were going to try to.

She shook her head and started fighting again as the man said, "that's right, silly cunt, in a couple of hours you'll be a stupid, drippy wet bimbo slut that wants nothing but to please men and have them stick their cocks into all of your holes. Once done, and after a little testing, we'll sell you to one of our clients as we have all the other girls we've modified."

He grabbed something behind her and she saw it was the goggles and she tried to shake her head, but he'd obviously had experience with that kind of thing as he was able to almost anticipate her movements and before she knew it the goggles were on.

She continued to fight and cry as she felt the sting of the injection and then the goggles came to life and she saw a girl that looked a lot like she did now, big fat boobs, blonde hair, tan skin and tattoos over her boobs and pussy, but this girl had a blank, vacant look in her eye.

Yvette saw the girl drop to her knees and begin to suck the dick of a man in front of her with enthusiasm Yvette would have assumed was reserved for bad porn videos. She tried to close her eyes, to block out the sights, but she found that she couldn't. She tried again and again but her eyelids simply wouldn't respond to her mental commands and her body flushed with adrenaline as the fear lanced through her as she came up with only one possible explanation as to why.

Her assumption was, of course, correct as the nanites had already invaded her brain and made sure she kept her eyes open as they combined with the video she was being forced to watch and began the process of completely rewriting her personality.

Yvette tried to resist, mentally chanting to herself that she wouldn't become what they wanted, but it didn't do her any good.

The nanites literally changed her internal chant of "I will not surrender, I will not surrender, I will not surrender…" in mid-sentence, and she caught herself suddenly chanting, "I want to surrender, I need to surrender, I must surrender…"

She stopped the chant and tried to think of another, but the damage had been done to her mental defenses and it was so catastrophic that she soon found any thinking that involved resisting to be very, very difficult, and then, all too soon, it became impossible.

Soon she began to think about how much fun it would be to suck the cock the girl she was watching sucked and to feel the man's cock as it slid inside of her. The last thought made her wet, and she wanted desperately to touch her pussy…no, her cunt; bimbos don't have pussies, they have cunts, but she couldn't.

Then the video changed, and she saw the girl crawling like an animal, from one man to another in a room, offering her ass to them and the men one after the next fucked her in one hole or the other.

Yvette couldn't help but moan in pleasure as she could almost feel the cocks as if they were fucking her. She cried because she needed to feel those cocks inside of her, and she felt so empty and useless without that feeling.

As time passed Yvette couldn't remember why she'd been so scared, as she came again and again, as she watched the girl in the video have all the fun Yvette wanted to have.

Then, thanks to the nanites, her brain started to see the girl on the screen as herself. Suddenly it was Yvette on her knees, sucking cock and taking it in her ass and cunt, (her brain again reminding her that only regular girls had vaginas or pussies, bimbo sluts had cunts).

Soon it was her, prancing around in bright pink shoes, and clothes that did nothing to protect her modesty, not that a bimbo slut had any modesty.

What she didn't know was that the pink color was special in that her mind locked onto that color and recognized it as a color that was for special toys like her. Anytime someone offered her something pink she would be compelled to offer them extra services, to thank them for their "gift"; it was how the programming reinforced itself in her mind.

Finally, it was over, and the bimbo slut formerly known as Yvette, a bright, intelligent, girl that had planned to be a doctor was completely overwritten by the blonde, fat titted, bimbo toy, known as cumhole.

Cumhole couldn't wait to meet her new owners and to show him what a good little bimbo slut she could be for him. For now, however, she felt the straps removed and she couldn't wait to have the man before her, a man she knew was so much stronger and smarter, and better than she was, to fuck her holes.

Cumhole jumped off the table and giggled as she put her hands on the floor next to her feet and began wiggling her ass at him. She giggled again and then moaned in pleasure as she felt his rock-hard cock slide easily into her cunt.

This was what she was made for, she knew, and she couldn't wait to do this again, and again, for the rest of her life.


Naturally, just because the nanites had been injected, and had successfully altered Yvette's brain, didn't mean that she was ready for delivery to her new owner.

Far from it.

While she was by far one of their most successful products to date, having taken to the reprogramming better than any of their past victims, there was still so much to do.

There was some testing that needed be done, to ensure the process was well and truly solidly planted; this was still a relatively new process, a new breakthrough in the training of sex slaves and bimbos. Far better than the old way, and much faster.

In the old days, it would have taken weeks, if not months to break her the point that she was at now.

Worse, in the past, some of the girls they had abducted for sale were extremely strong-willed and defiant and fought and resisted the training with every fiber of their being.

Occasionally, they would have an extremely resistant girl, unfortunately, coupled with a trainer that didn't have the personality for training her, and they would allow frustration at the unusual level of defiance to get to them, resulting in a permanent scar or mark on the product.

The solution for that was that the trainer found himself at the bottom of an unmarked grave, but not before finding out that it would be a member of his own family that would replace the damaged product.

As for the girl?

While she was no longer suitable for sale to the intended client they were able to recoup some of their losses as there was still quite a market for bimbo pain sluts.

That didn't change the fact that there was quite a bit of embarrassment they had to deal with in informing the client that there would be a delay in delivery due to a screwup.

It was just bad business.

Nanites, eliminated this problem completely, allowing them to completely subsume the original personality and replace it with exactly what they were looking for. The drawback was that the girl was like a computer that had a fresh operating system installed. There were no, "programs" put in place to make the operating system useful.

Her mind was essentially a blank slate and her "programs", her training needed to be installed.

For that, they found that it was still best to do it the old-fashioned way. Meaning, she would be taught and shown exactly what she needed to do to please her new owner.

The first thing they did was take her to the piercing station. At a single order, she happily climbed up into the chair and placing her limbs exactly where she was told to. She was quickly strapped down, not for any necessity, but simply because she was a bimbo slave and slaves are bound.

In short order, she was pierced in her septum, both of her nipples, belly button, and her clit.

While her brain had been altered to accept her place as property with no purpose but to please, it didn't change the fact that she still felt pain. The man smiled and grinned as she screamed at the pain of the piercing, knowing that her owner would appreciate how sensitive she was.

The nanites injected into her, soon moved to the area of the piercings, to heal the flesh much faster than conventionally occurred. Her belly button piercing, which would normally take months to heal would be healed in a few hours.

After the piercings were put into place she was taken to a room and told to climb into a cage after being given a set of pink straps that made a harness around her body. Strategically placed rings in the harness allowed the piercings at her nipples clit and belly button to poke through, accentuating them.

As the pink straps were wrapped around her and cinched tight the man assigned as her primary trainer, the man that had first introduced himself to her, grinned as he watched her shudder involuntarily in pleasure.

The pink of the straps triggered the central focus of the training of her brain, as designed. As she progressed she would be given additional pink attire to reinforce both the training that they were giving her and her new place in life, making the alterations to her brain irreversible.

After the straps were in place and locked on she was told to get into a cage and she did so immediately her trainer locking chains around her limbs and shutting the door; again not because of fear she'd try to escape, but simply because it was her lot in life to be locked up, it would please her owner to do so.

The man examined the beautiful body before him, looking forward to the fun he would have with it before finally telling her to get some rest as she had a very busy day tomorrow.

Cumhole immediately got as comfortable as possible and fell into a deep sleep. A sleep filled the images of her fulfilling her role, licking, and sucking and fucking her soon to be owner and master and anyone else she was told to.

She woke up the next day, already dripping wet and ready to be fucked.

Her trainer came in and told her to get out of the cage, and to assume her position. She quickly turned and put her hands and feet flat on the floor and thrust her ass out to him, shaking it as she giggled and moaned in anticipation of what was about to happen.

She was not disappointed as the cock slid into her juicy cunt, eliciting a moan of wanton need and pleasure as the sensation flooded her brain with endorphins which served to further enforce the alterations done by the nanites.

From there, it was daily training for the bimbo.

The first week it was all about sexual training.

Although her brain had accepted what she was to become, the muscles of her ass and cunt still needed to be trained and strengthened for giving maximum pleasure. Daily exercises with both dildos and the cocks of many, many men helped to put her on a crash course of teaching the muscles exactly how to milk a cock like an expert.

Her throat underwent the same training, as she was forced to learn how to breathe at appropriate times when deep throating, and how to completely suppress her gag reflex.

The next week, it was learning to please women, after all, that was every possibility that her master may have women that he wishes to please as well.

Luckily, they were able to call on her own knowledge of what pleased her, as a guide for how to please women and, by the end of that week, she was able to bring any man or woman to orgasm in only a few minutes with either her tongue or her hands.

The week after that, it was training in humiliation, degradation, and the acceptance of pain. Her body was extremely sensitive, thanks to the nanites alterations to her central nervous system, and as such, she felt pain very keenly and she was told that sometimes her master would wish to hurt her, simply for his enjoyment.

A woman that hadn't undergone the special conversion would've found such an idea sickening, and terrifying. Cumhole simply accepted this as the reality of what she was; her duty, her entire reason for existing was giving pleasure to her master, her owner, in any way he saw fit. If that meant suffering, then that was what she would do.

In reality, she couldn't contemplate doing anything else but what pleased her owner, thanks to the effectiveness of her reprogramming.

On, and on the training went, perfecting the way she walked, the way she stood, the way she knelt, crawled, and squirmed. Everything to make her as perfect and desirable as she could possibly be.

They worked on perfecting the way she looked with her eyes, caressed with her hands, and pressed and moved with her body against men and women alike.

She was taught how to be both sensual, and wanton, innocent and coy. She learned how to go from a demure innocent looking little girl, too an unmistakable whore the next. And with each lesson she learned and perfected more, and more pink attire was added to her wardrobe; added to the harness soon were shoes, high heels, or ballet boots, depending on the situation, stockings, garters, bikinis, and dresses that revealed more than they covered color.

Pink, pink, pink. It was all she ever wore; all she ever would wear.

As each piece was added, as she moaned and was overcome with unstoppable pleasure as her training and her new personality were pushed further and further into every corner of her mind. Soon, neural pathways that had been altered, artificially, by the nanite injection soon began to settle into their new alignment as if they had been that way since her birth.

Again, all designed with the purpose of reinforcement of the training and altered personality.

After two months, the training was complete, and it would be literally impossible to reverse what was done. For all intents and purposes, Yvette was dead. All that remained now was, cumhole, the obedient bimbo fuck holes slave.

For her graduation, another bimbo was brought in. This one didn't quite have the glassy-eyed stare that was common for their trained product, and there was a slight but clear trepidation.

Apparently, this girl was not fully transformed, yet. Cumhole was ordered to bring the girl off and to entertain the men with the girl's udders.

Cumhole went about her task immediately, no thought of hesitation at all and she began to lick, fondle, and caress the huge tits in front of her. She sucked on them like a calf looking for milk as she used her hands to attack the girl's cunt.

Despite the halfhearted efforts to stop her, cumhole continued to suck the massive tits until the other girl began to respond and eventually came from the skill and pleasure brought forth by the fully trained bimbo's sucking and ministrations.

To the trainers around her, it was solid evidence that cumhole was fully trained, and whoever she had been was completely gone.

All that was left now was to deliver her.

She was put into her spiky pink shoes, with locking strap around her ankle, and put into a dress, that was more appropriate for a street walking whore looking for a John than anyone even remotely concerned with modesty; her ass and tits fully exposed.

Small, delicate chains were locked to the ring through her nipples, and her clit, and run down and through the ring in her belly button, all attached to a single leash.

A severe yank pulled on all four piercings at once, eliciting a breath of pain, but nothing else as she had been told to not cry out unless she was told it was allowable.

She was led to a limousine and then driven for quite a while, before being loaded onto an airplane for a flight that was several hours; not that the bimbo noticed such things. She was too busy giggling and caressing her body in anticipation of finally meeting her master.

Finally, the plane landed, and she was loaded into yet another limousine and taken to an opulent mansion. The doors opened as she approached, and she met her master for the first time.

Immediately she fell to her knees, and said, "your bimbo is here to serve you, master."

The man looked at her critically, walking around her as if examining an expensive piece of art, rather than a human being. This was fitting since cumhole was now as far from a true human as she could possibly be.

After what felt like an eternity, he nodded in satisfaction at the man that had accompanied her and took the leash from him. He then told her to crawl on all fours as there were many friends that he wanted her to meet.

Already her cunt began to drip in anticipation, knowing that she would be pleasing these friends as she was supposed to so very soon.

So, the girl that had been Yvette, an innocent girl, with her whole life ahead of her; a girl that had been raped in a forest as a camp counselor and brought to the attention of men that sold girls like her for profit, was led forever into her new life, her new existence, her new reality, as cumhole the obedient bimbo fuck whore.

A new reality and destiny that would last a lifetime.



The bimbo fuck slave that had once been a girl named Yvette had been through much the last two years.

Her master had immediately introduced her to his friends on the day of her delivery. Ordering her to kneel and then crawl on her hands and knees as she introduced herself to each person at the party by offering one of her holes for them to stick their cocks into.

In the case of the women at the party cumhole happily licked their tits, pussies, or asses as the women requested. By the end of the night, every single one of her holes was filled and dripping cum.

Her master then slid inflatable dildos into both of her lower holes and inflating them till her face was twisted in discomfort. Then, she was in dragged outside, and stripped to nothing but her cute little pink wrist cuffs and chained to the ground.

"This is where a bimbo cunt sleeps," her owner told her, "bimbos do not deserve to sleep inside."

She had simply smiled, happily, and went to sleep, a very full and satisfied girl.

From there, her life became one of fulfilling the programming that the nanites had installed. Whether it was entertaining her master's parties, which she did very often, or serving her time in the plexiglass cage that he had installed on the side of the house and visible from the sidewalk.

Cumhole was required to walk on hands and knees in the small plexiglass tube that measured some 60 feet along the sidewalk.

Her instructions were quite simple: anyone the passed by her was to be treated as a most prized guest and she was required to tempt them to use her.

For those that accepted her offer, there were specially designed access points along the plexiglass where she could either suck or offer her cunt or ass for access.

Again, for women that stopped by her little transparent prison, she was able to stick her face far enough out that she could lick either clit, ass, or pussy as so desired.

Sure, people had complained, at first, but with bimbos becoming more and more common, the outrage was soon drowned out by the perverse pleasure people had in using a girl so thoroughly.

Sometimes, her master would dress her in a parody of clothing, technically legal, but truly covering nothing, and he would install a massive ass plug that locked in place with a leash and he would take her out in the public. She would walk on her pink stiletto heels, her massive tits thrust out, so anyone could see the piercings and tattoos that adorned her body while she did her best to seduce anything on two legs that walked by.

Every time she was taken out on one of these little jaunts she almost always returned to the house covered and soaked in the cum and secretions of the free human beings that had availed themselves of her wet holes, and pleasing tongue.

Truly she was a brilliant work of art, and her master knew it.

Thanks to the mental programming, nothing was too degrading or humiliating for her to do. No force was even needed unless her master just felt like it, all that needed to be done was give her an order and she was happy, almost desperate to comply.

Her master even liked to lock her into a modified stock just off the sidewalk. No one could see her unless they were looking but it didn't take long before word got around and men would come into her little alcove and simply insert their cock, pounding away on her face until they came and then they'd either shoot it down her throat, or spray all over her and then, after a quick wipe in her hair, continue on their way.

Many people at first were appalled by what was happening, but once it became clear that she enjoyed, and even craved it, the worriers either quit coming by or simply availed themselves of her eager mouth as well.

None of them would ever know the horrible, sadistic truth.

Not even those that participated in the acquisition and transition of bimbos for sale knew the true depths of sadistic cruelty that had gone into cumhole's creation.

None of them knew, or would ever know, about the special programming her master had installed in her nanites. They'd remain completely ignorant that her nanites had been designed and programmed not to erase who she was, but to simply lock it away in a far corner of her brain that would be inaccessible to anyone that didn't know the special security procedures to unlock them.

As such, cumhole appeared to be exactly what she was supposed to be, a stupid, idiotic bimbo fuck toy who could barely muster up enough intelligence to strap on her own sandals, let alone hold any meaningful conversations with anyone.

Of course, even if she could hold that conversation, she didn't even know she had been an unwilling participant in her modifications. She only knew she was doing what she was meant to do, so anyone trying to ask her if she was ok, was simply wasting their time.

She would simply giggle, wiggle her tits and ass, and offer all her holes for service to those around her.

Sometimes, however, just sometimes, her master wanted to be even crueler than was experienced by a typical bimbo.

On those occasions, he would remove all her pink clothing, the key to her mental suppression, and then he would say a special security phrase that allowed her conscious mind to access those blocked off parts of her mind, and her original personality was awakened and regained awareness.


Yvette shook her head as if waking from a dream.

No, not a dream a nightmare.

She looked around, and then down at herself and screamed as she saw the tattoos, her tits, and the piercings and she realized that it had not been a dream, and not been a nightmare, but instead had been a horrifying reality.

She tried to stand up but quickly found to her horror that she was held in place by something stuffed up her ass. She reached around and was finally able to feel a large chunk of metal, sticking out of her ass, and what felt like a small, but sturdy, padlock holding her to the chair that she was seated on.

Soon a man entered, and she immediately begged and pleaded for him to help her; to call the police because she had been kidnapped and someone had done horrible things to her body.

The man smiled and simply started to laugh.

Yvette couldn't understand and tried to be as strong as she could as she demanded he tell her what he was laughing at, and why he wasn't helping her. Did he want to go to jail with whoever else had done this to her?

The laughter died down, replaced by a cruel smirk and he explained to Yvette, as he had several times in the last two years, he told her, that she was his property.

His son, he explained to her shocked look, had been one of the counselors that had raped and used her body back at the camp so long ago.

When his son had told him how gorgeous, and how wet she had gotten from the use he knew he had to try her for himself, so he went about finding her and putting her under surveillance.

However, once he'd really gotten a look at her, and discussed it with some of the people he knew in the budding bimbofication business, and they'd done some research of their own, they'd all realized that she would be the perfect specimen to undergo the procedures, and he could then have her delivered to him, not as a onetime thing, but as a permanent piece of property.

Of course, he made the arrangements, without the slightest bit of doubt or regret for what he was doing.

In short order, it was all set up and she was kidnapped and underwent surgical alterations; including having her beautiful 36 D breasts enlarged to their now gigantic triple F that they had become.

As a result, she could never return to a normal life her tits alone making it difficult for her to walk.

This didn't even take into consideration the additional surgeries over the last two years to enlarge her ass, giving her a nice big bubble butt, to balance out the tits, and the shortening of her Achilles' tendons, making it virtually impossible for her to wear anything less than 6" heels.

Yvette cried as she asked him why he had done this to her. He laughed, sadistically, and gave her the answer every single time she had asked that question in the past: "because I wanted to."

After allowing her to cry in her self-pity and misery for a while, he, as he always did in these special sessions, demonstrated his ability to control her completely, by issuing special commands that overrode her ability to control her voluntary muscles.

She became a prisoner in her own body, a passenger forced to observe whatever horrible fate was about to befall her, without even the ability to cry or beg for mercy.

She was in unlocked from the chair and forced to present herself in public.

No different than when she was under the cumhole protocols, as he called them, she would be wearing only thin strips to cover the modesty and not break the law, or it might be a party. Or maybe even both.

In any case, she was helpless to tell a soul that she was a prisoner, an unwilling participant.

All she could do was obey the commands given to her, and suck and fuck like the bimbo whore she appeared to be, and usually was, but on these occasions, she was fully aware, and cognizant of what she was being made to do.

The humiliation and depredation were like a raging inferno, burning away her pride, her self-worth, her very humanity.

Only her eyes told the true story, and really, no one bothered to look or even cared it seemed.

They were all too busy enjoying her use in gang bangs, double penetrations, using her offered mouth, ass or cunt, (she wasn't allowed to call it her pussy or vagina anymore, first, it wasn't hers, any more and second, those were the things that free intelligent women had, not bimbos).

The results were always the same as, at the end of every party, or social adventure, she was reduced to a cum covered and encrusted animal. Never was that truer than when she did her duties, as a self-aware Yvette, inside the plexiglass run cage.

Then, came her owner's true enjoyment, and demonstration of his power over her.

When he was finally ready, he would begin the process of turning her back into cumhole.

Over the course of the next several hours, he would begin to apply pink bondage gear or clothing to her body. First, a set of wrist cuffs, buckled and locked in place. Then the matching ankle cuffs, so cute, he teasingly told her. Next, it was time for her collar, after all, every good bimbo girl needed a collar to make sure people knew she was owned property.

After that, perhaps it would be a pair of pink lacy thongs or a barely-there pink bikini top.

It varied from occasion to occasion, but it all added up to the same thing in the end. With each application of every pink piece, Yvette could feel herself slipping further, and further away, as the protocols reasserted themselves.

Oh, she tried, every single time, to hold on, to not be subsumed by the programming that she knew was contained inside of her brain.

But each time no matter how hard she fought or tried to beg, or cry, slowly, glacially slow, but inevitably her brain once again shoved the Yvette personality to the dark corner of her mind and cumhole was reborn; desperately anxious to serve her master in any way that she could.

This became the sum of Yvette's existence.

Most of it was spent as her idiotic alter-ego. Unaware, given her incredible stupidity, that she was anything other than a simple bimbo whore who would beg for abuse if told to and craved to be used like a sex toy.

A toy that was not satisfied if she was not covered in cum and filled with that same cum in every hole and each hole filled with dildos to keep it all inside of her.

Basically, reduced to little more than an animated thing.

But, horribly, occasionally, Yvette would be brought forth, waking from this living nightmare, only to realize it was all too true and all too real as memories of what she had been through flooded into her brain.

Each time crushing her just a little more; destroying her in every way possible simply so that her sadistic owner could take pleasure in watching her crumble under the weight of her humiliating memories again, and again, and again.

And then, once he had forced her to perform all the duties that were generally cumhole's, and he had done all the damage he felt he could to her psyche, he would force her to endure the sensations as she felt herself slowly being stripped away; once again losing all sense of time and self.

Incredibly, her master had found a way to a bring her a living hell on earth.

Even more incredibly, it was a living hell that for nearly 90% of her time she craved and loved as if it were the only thing she'd ever wanted.